Are you a hemp grower or farmer and looking for the best ways to harvest the plants this fall in order to best increase the overall value of your crop?

Before considering selling your hemp or speaking with a hemp broker it is best to know what potential buyers are looking for when purchasing hemp. To help, we have listed a few hemp terms that you need to know to make the most money from your the hemp plants in your field.

Hemp Trimming Terminology:

Biomass: Biomass is often used several ways. There is no set definition, so the best way to know is to ask the person using the word what they are referring to. For many it is the ground whole plant while for others it is the whole plant (Ariel parts) straight out of the ground.

Cleaning Biomass: Removing the stalks and stems that do not contain as high of CBD percentages which would dilute your overall CBD percentage point. The lower the CBD percentage of hemp, the lower the profits. In addition if/when the potential buyer sees stalks, stems and fan leaves they are going to expect a lowered price.

Shucking: Reducing the weight of waste such as sticks and stems by “cleaning” the hemp after harvest.

Bucking: Cutting the flower off of the plant. Bucking can be done either by hand or machine. There is a whole plant bucking machine recently available by Hemp Company LLC. that can be seen in the video below.

Machine Trimmed:

Hand Trimmed:

Hand Trimming Tools:

Plant Parts:

Hemp Ariel Parts: Refers to all the parts of the plant above the ground to include stems, leaves and flowers/buds. So essentially all the parts of the hemp plant with the exception of the roots.