Although it is a common misconception created by trying to over simplify the process, the biomass price is not merely a matter of price per percentage point (%) multiplied by the number of pounds (#).

Hemp plants with lower CBD percentages costs the same to process and is less efficient. After processing a lower ratio of CBD is obtained, so you will be offered less per percentage of CBD, which is fair. Quality of drying in hemp plants matters, and a lot of stems are undesirable.

Aflatoxins (mold) is obviously undesirable and costs the processor additional labor and consumables to remediate. The same applies to other contaminants. Growers can be very surprised to find heavy metal and pesticide residue, having used organic methods in soil that was tested and believed to be clean of these contaminants. Hemp is a powerful phytoremediator and manages to mop up nasty stuff you didn’t realize was there. All of these factors will contribute to the value of your biomass.

Another key factor in determining the price value for your help crop is whether or not you intend to be involved in the entire process of turning your crop into crude oil, or isolate, or distillate. By planning ahead and working with a processor before you plant or harvesting your plants you are hopefully able to have better access your production date rather than getting in line on a, “first come, first serve basis,” when everyone else is getting in line at the same time.

If selling your crop directly to a processor and/or buyer who will sell to a processor here is a basic calculator that you can use to insert your plants CBD percentage, your expected or offer price per percentage point and the total weight of your hemp biomass.

Biomass – Complete hemp plant typically including some stems and fan leaves.

CBD Percentage – Per independent lab testing identified on the Certificate of Occupancy (COA)

Percentage Points

Flower Per Pound – Fully trimmed hemp flower typically free or stems, stalks and fan leaves. Price per pound varies greatly depending on CBD content, cannabinoid and terpene profiles, supply and demand, indoor or outdoor grown and numerous other factors.

DISCLAIMER: The numbers presented herein represent averages in costs, output, and results. The use of this calculator is not a financial guarantee and shall not be used to create business plans, obtain funds, or make any kind of financial decision. This tool is intended to help hemp growers understand options and does not in anyway create an offer to purchase any products from user.